m1 is the most compact entry model for melt flow index testing. The instrument is a plastometer with high end measuring relevant components and highest precision by using minimal automation modules.

  • ASTM D1238
  • ISO 1133

The mi1 is a high-precision melt index tester using the highest measurement technology components. Its compact, space-saving design enables cost-effective incoming goods and quality control of plastics according to ISO1133 and ASTM D1238.

Technical specifications
  • MFR and MVR measurement according ISO1133 und ASTM D1238 Procedure A B C
  • Determination of Melt Density
  • High resolution displacement transducer 0,003mm/Impulse
  • Handling of measurement via single multifunctional Button
  • Display of the Parameter menu and measurement results via VNC possible on various PC’s

Add-ons for advanced measurements

Directly connected laboratory scale for determination of the melt density.


The residual moisture has a considerable influence on the measurement result for certain test materials. Therefore, it is recommended to dry test materials before a IV measurement and to determine the residual moisture.



Intrinsic Viscosity

The intrinsic viscosity (IV), also referred as intrinsic viscosity, or Staudinger index [η]...



Determination of the intrinsic viscosity

The intrinsic viscosity (IV) measured by online capillary rheometers is determined via a correlation relationship between shear viscosity or melt flow rate (MVR) and intrinsic viscosity.


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